Founded in Nov 2019 as a research company affiliated with CISS(Center for Integrated Smart Sensors) funded by the Korean Ministry of Science and ICT, MSIT.

The world first commercial pMUT therapy chip by MUTi Inc. has a therapy device solution with intelligent functions. The MUTi pMUT chip is available for professional and commercial use: ALN based pMUT chip, Nov 2022.

With six pMUT therapy patents, MUTi has goals for diverse pMUT applications and solutions.

Concentric Arrays Focusing
Power 3W/cm² up to 20 mm length

High Frequency (5MHz higher)
Increasing energy absorption into soft skin

Auto-depth Focusing 
No cartridge changes
MUTi pMUT Therapy Chip
pMUT(piezo Micro-machined Ultrasonic Transducer) by MUTi is flexibly connected with a compact driving board including ARM Cortex-M7 MCU, 8 channel transmitting voltage chip and 1 channel receiving amplifier chip. It will be supplied for pMUT therapy emerging-market applicators. In detail, 2k pMUT cells are distributed in the 8 channel transmitting concentric annular arrays and 1 channel center-positioned receiving array of the pMUT chip (11.6 x 13.2 mm²), targeted for Max. 20mm Transmitting focal length. 
Feature 01. 

The large aperture focuses on energy delivering to deep length.
Feature 02.

The high frequency stimulates energy absorption into soft tissue.
Feature 03.

The multi-focusing control about fascia position detection for different individuals and body positions. (MUTi patented) 
Current Status
The current MUTi therapy chip is flexibly fpc connected to the driving board. The packaging concept can be converted into the monolithic structure of pMUT on ASIC simply by redesigning the chip pad location.
Evaluation Test
Performed by KRISS (Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science) using the MUTi driving board of 35V transmitting voltage and 8 channel beamforming at 5.2MHz frequency.  

MUTi chip delivers 944, 844, 760, and 612 kPa ultrasound focal pressures at 6, 8, 10, and 12 mm focal lengths respectively. 
These are the highest values among pMUT papers in around 10mm deep lengths and we can increase the pressures 40% more using 50V Transmitting voltage.

When we convert the measured focal pressures to Intensity levels at soft tissue, which become 4.5, 4.2, 2.8, and 2.0 W/cm²at focal lengths respectively, which might be eligible for LIPUS(Low-Intensity-Pulsed-Ultrasound) reminding FDA regulation for LIPUS is less than 3 W/cm².
MUTi therapy chips with flexible fpc connections are available today for selected customers with demo kits where multi-focusing beamforming capability by 8 annular Transmitting channels can be easily evaluated. Furthermore, MUTi-thera, pMUT health therapy device for skin to deep-body, will be introduced as a compat hand held form (4.8x3.8x18.1 cm³) or body-worn patch types in 4Q 2023. 

Auto transmitting focusing stimulation with fascia, muscle and bone information will be included in MUTi thera for commercial use in safe. 

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